Many of my recent works use a semi-strict framework for improvisation named switchcraft (after the work of Dan Mellamphy and Nandita Biswas-Mellamphy). Performing using this framework requires a great amount of work of the performers. They must memorize the material thoroughly, re-learn to synchronize with the other performers, and then develop this continual re-synchronizing into a convincing musical performance and a unique approach to the piece. The performers must accept the possibility of no matter what eventuality and the simultaneous possibility of acting to create change. They must critically reevaluate their own tendencies while employing virtuosity and doing things in the ordinary way.

The written musical material of ]                      [ is greatly pared down and somewhat inverted. It is hoped that this presents a listener with a similar opportunity to practice sensitivity, virtuosity, and unlearning.

]                            [ was first performed by Cathy Fern Lewis, Christopher Reiche, and Dave Riedstra in Victoria, BC, Canada, in June of 2016.