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New compositions for solo bass with electronics, the results of collaboration between performer Dave Riedstra and composers Janet Sit, Annette Brosin, Mitch Renaud, and Nolan Krell. The program explores questions of individuality, location, and the visual, as well as the arenas where and processes through which these notions play out.

$15 ($10 students / seniors / artists)
Monday 22 May 8pm
Church of Truth
111 Superior St James Bay


Janet Sit – Without Asking*
contrabass and electronics

Nolan Krell – (glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you.)
electric bass

Mitch Renaud – Resonance | Sites*
contrabass and sine tones

Annette Brosin – Vertices*
electric bass and electronics

Dave Riedstra – contrabass, electric bass

Thanks to the University of Victoria Alumni Association for supporting this project.

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