Dave Riedstra is a freelance full-stack web developer. He has made websites for many clients, including entrepreneurs, music festivals, and large companies. Riedstra loves creating websites that excel across the range of internet-capable devices, from smartphone to desktop to widescreen TV. He also ensures that his websites are simple to maintain, and often uses the familiar WordPress engine. Riedstra also enjoys experimenting with what browsers can do. This has resulted in interactive music pieces which use speech recognition and synthesis, device motion data, and real-time networking.

I go to Dave whenever I need help – he is a great resource and is very knowledgeable about what he does. He works quickly, does an amazing job, and is easygoing and fun. I won’t work with anyone else!

designer Hannah Browne

Dave Riedstra studied in the Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. His work continues to use the best of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP. He also has experience with various libraries and frameworks such as SASS, angular.js, node.js, PhoneGap, social media APIs, and native Android and Flash development.


Cherry Jam Online Booking

An online booking system with public and admin interfaces built as a WordPress plugin for Cherry Jam. In collaboration with designer Hannah Browne.Cherry Jam Booking


Phased is a multi-platform team communication tool which provides productivity updates. Team members post updates manually or through third-party integrations such as Slack, Google Calendar, and GitHub, allowing users to monitor team progress on projects. The core product was built on a MEAN-like stack (using Firebase instead of Mongo) and packaged as a web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension.Phased.io

Precipitation and Temperature Graph

An interactive graph plotting data from the Canadian Government’s Open Data Portal.

Precipitation and Temperature Change


Online apartment building management for Artsdeir Apartments. Features interactive forms for rental application, maintenance requests, and end-of-tenancy notification.Artsdeir

Johnston Training and Therapy

A long scrolling site for fitness trainer and massage therapist Jack Johnston.Johnston Therapy and Training

Strata Music Festival

Website for the Strata Music Festival (formerly SaskNewMusic) featuring site-wide integrated interactive schedule, media gallery, and events and personnel profiles. Based on poster designs by Chris Morin.Strata Festival

Cherry Jam Rehearsal

Business site for Cherry Jam rehearsal studios in Toronto and sibling company PRB Canada, both built around WordPress. In collaboration with designer Hannah Browne.Cherry Jam Rehearsal


A simple and snappy high-performance responsive site to match the client’s organizational prowess. In collaboration with designer Hannah Browne.Officize

Parmalat Consumer

An immersive parallax scrolling showcase for Parmalat’s products.

Listener, Speaker

Listener, Speaker is a real-time system which allows users to wirelessly control sound using a mobile device. The system makes use of node.js and socket.io to connect the devices to puredata, and “html5” accelerometer and multitouch input as control data. Animated particles and generative music created in ActionScript accompany the interaction. A video demo can be seen here.