I’ve been seeing a few mentions of performances of pieces I’ve written around the web, so I thought I’d start to collect them here.

“Subsequent composition ) ( by David Riedstra, however, prepared a trio of voices of meditation exercises, a very similar match with the environment, but the interpreters with their toughness managed to get rid of the reality and then the listener could be dazed by a “non-material” floating composition.”

Šimon Kořený and Jakub Španihel for Opera+ on the Czech performance of ]                             [ by members of Canticum Ostrava (translation courtesy of Google Translate; a different version says the performers “were able to lose their virtues”)


“Dave Riedstra’s Prairie Trails was a virtuoso performance on clarinet by Nathan Friedman–of all the compositions I found it demanded the greatest attention due to the voice-less nature of many of the sounds produced.”

Janis La Couvee on Friedman’s Victoria performance of Prairie Trails (43%)


“…in the case of Nathan Friedman’s, Dave Riedstra’s and Hollas Longton’s pieces,  the sound was propagated both via acoustic phenomena and live electronic techniques, where the listeners could barely tell the difference between sound, echo and their imagination.”

Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins on Hollas Longton’s performance of Veils