Playing music in group contexts is what got me working with sound in the first place and though it’s been a few years since I’ve been on stage, working with sound in real-time remains a critical part of what I do. I’ve had the pleasure of performing new works by myself and other composers in solo and ensemble settings.

Selected performances

Rat Drifting

A solo concert of my own works at Arrayspace in Toronto, 7 December 2018, for the Rat Drifting series curated by Martin Arnold. A video recording seems to be available on Vimeo’s livestream archive.

Performing Burl at Toronto’s Arrayspace for Rat Drifting

Topography tour

A cross-Canada tour of new works for solo double bass in spring of 2018. Read more info here.

I, Site

A solo concert of new works for solo double bass and electric bass performed in James Bay in 2017. More info here.

Why Can’t Minimal

A performance with the Victoria Composers Collective at Open Space Arts in Victoria, BC. I performed Hollas Longton’s Dissoance for solo contrabass and electronics and in Alex Jang’s trio the keeper of sheep. Hollas performed my piece Veils in the same program.

Performing Hollas Longton’s Dissonance for Why Can’t Minimal: Do This at Open Space. Photo: Adrian Paradis

Prior Art

An ensemble performance with the Victoria Composers Collective in 2016 at the Victoria Conservatory’s Wood Hall. I played electric bass in Janet Sit’s 火 藥/Fire Medicine, double bass in Ryan Hemphill’s Looking through Blue Glass, and sang with Chris Reiche and Cathy Fern-Lewis in my voice trio ]                             [. The full program to this and other VCC concerts can be found on the VCC website.

Performing Ryan Hemphill’s Looking through Blue Glass for Prior Art.


An evening of new music for rock band at the Copper Owl; with the Victoria Composers Collective. I played electric bass in most of the program, including with Annette Brosin in my duo ∥∥∥∥‖∥∣∥‖∥∥∣‖∥∥∥‖∥∥∥‖∥∣‖‖∥. Videos of most of the pieces can be found on YouTube (though sadly not my first performance of Nolan Krell’s glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you).

Performing with Annette Brosin for Woodstockhausen.