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Performing Burl at Toronto’s Arrayspace for Rat Drifting

Dave Riedstra (b. 1989, Ontario, Canada) makes music and other sound. This work is variously composition for live performance, performed on the electric or upright bass, or digital audio in acoustic spaces. With this sound Riedstra explores the entanglement of the listening body with its environment (material, social, technological, and other). Much but not all of the sound Riedstra is responsible for is very quiet.

Riedstra was a founding member of the Victoria Composers Collective and operated the sounds at the hive performance series at arc.hive artist run centre in Victoria, Canada. He has made music and music-proximate sound in various cities across Canada, including a solo tour of new works for contrabass which took him from Victoria through the prairies to Ontario in 2018, and he was lucky enough to have his composition ]                             [ performed in Ostrava, Czech Republic, in 2017. Recent explorations into sound installation and collaborations with playwright Kristofer Van Soelen and with composer Tina Pearson have more extensively involved electronics, digital networks, and software development. Riedstra occasionally performs with Toronto’s Freesound Ensemble and writes and researches quiet music at the University of Leeds, UK.

Riedstra is grateful to his various instructors over the years: Martin Iddon, Oliver Thurley, Martin Arnold, Christopher Butterfield, Dániel Péter Biró, James Harley, Cam McKittrick, and Joe Sorbara.