Dave Riedstra

Musician and web developer living in Victoria, BC


Dave Riedstra is a new music contrabassist and electric bass guitarist. His performance interests include solo, chamber, and small ensemble work in which the traditional foundational role of the bass is complemented by rich performer interaction and a more exposed acoustic texture. He works with composers and improvisers, in particular those of the Victoria Composers Collective, and is informed by his own compositional practice. Riedstra has a rich variety of performance experience, bridging orchestral, chamber music, free improvisation, traditional and free jazz, folk-bluegrass, and punk rock traditions.

Riedstra has performed in the premieres of the following works:

Renaud, Mitch – Resonance | Sites (Palimpsest III)
Longton, Hollas – Dissonance
Jang, Alex – the keeper of sheep
Sit, Janet – 火 藥/Fire Medicine
Sit, Janet – Without Asking
Hemphill, Ryan M. – Looking through Blue Glass
Krell, Nolan – (glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you)
Penhale, Lynne – Immortality
Gibson, Liam Ross – i n s i d e o f g h o s t s
Martins, Maria Eduarda – About Gesang der Jünglinge
Brosin, Annette – Percept
Brosin, Annette – Vertices
Friedman, Nathan – Die Kunst der Funk
Maynard, Seán – you don’t make rails out of glass for a reason
Reiche, Chris – Sonatina
Martins, Maria Eduarda – Mirrors
Gibson, Liam Ross – Nothing is More Likely
Hemphill, Ryan M. – XXXVI Machine
Simon, Alexander – I. Largo (from “Another”)
Simon, Alexander – II. Intermezzo (from “Another”)
Foley, David J. – Music for Oboe, Rototoms, Celesta, and Double Bass