Dave Riedstra

Musician and web developer living in Victoria, BC



2016, 0 – many min., piano and violin

(in progress)


2016, 0 – many min., interactive media

(in progress)


2015 (rev. 2016), 0 – many min., four musicians



2016, 15 min., violin solo

"Veils pile up and veil only other veils"

]                         [

2016, 0 – many min., three singers

Not un-singing


2016, 0 – many min., 2 electric basses


Trombone Solo

2015, 13 min., trombone solo

A trombone solo


2015, 0 – many min., two flutes, French horn, acoustic guitar

Qualitative shufflings

var piece;

2015, 0 – many min., solo for Chrome with live vocalist

An epistemological feedback loop


2015, 0 – many min., any two bowed, like-timbred, four-or-more-stringed instruments

Molecules generating static


2014/15, 0 – many min., flute, trumpet, bass clarinet, violin, viola, electric guitar


Prairie Trails (43%)

2014, 20 min., bass clarinet solo

An a/effecting of various bodies

Party Games

2014, 8 min., open instrumentation

An experiment with threshold-level dynamics and spatialization.


2014, 7 min., flute solo

Two distinct blocks meet


2014, 5 min., piano four-hands

Two wedding gifts, explorations of the various aspects of the instrument and its performance.


2014, 6 min., string quartet

An experiment in memory composed with and performed by Quatuor Bozzini

Along your trails

2014, 3 min., string quartet

A simple moment


2014, 7 min., electric guitar, piano, and string trio

Cubist acousmatics

Bottom Feeder

2013/14, 7 min., soprano voice, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Comparing communication paradigms

Listener, Speaker

2013, , installation

An interactive installation piece

so i'm not some kind of mystical healer

2012/14, 2.5 min., piano solo


look up from your phone to the crumbling world around you

2012, 5 min., oboe, violin, and accordion


2012, 10.5 min., tenor voice, clarinet, piano, SATB chamber choir


2012, 5 min., oboe solo

Straight lines

Hair's Breadth

2012, open, jazz quartet

After Henry Threadgill

Duet for violin and piano

2011, 3 min., violin, piano

A dismantling

Bartók and the Geranium

2011, 4 min., SSATTB chamber choir

A setting of the poem by Dorothy Livesay

Floating in a Peaceful Sea

2011, open, jazz combo

A meandering


2010, 4 min., clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, contrabass, video accompaniment


2010, 7 min., clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, and contrabass

A micropolyphonic funnel