Dave Riedstra

Musician and web developer living in Victoria, BC


Veils is a solo for violin I wrote for Hollas Longton to perform for Why Can’t Minimal: Do This? at Open Space Arts on 30 Sept 2016. The concert is a Victoria Composers Collective event, and I’m thrilled to be playing a solo of Hollas’ for solo bass and electronics, as well as ensemble pieces by Alex Jang and Lynne Penhale. A forthcoming blog post from Nathan Friedman will have more information (I’ll link here once it’s published). For tickets see the Open Space website.

The performance of Why Can’t Minimal: Do This will be set among the works of the concurrent exhibit by John G. Hampton, Why Can’t Minimal, a curation which engages with minimalist tropes in visual art. The call for participation in the concert therefore suggested that composers do the same for our medium, with a nod to the humour Hampton finds in minimalist sculpture. This initially set me back a bit. I’m not much for humorous absurdity in music, and my primary engagement with very quiet sounds threatened to come off as a surface engagement with the topic (“very quiet > not much happening > minimal > done”), so I decided to look for a new approach.


Site Upgrade

The visibility of this post marks the launch of the 7th iteration of this site. I’ve finally caved and baked in WordPress, which means I’ll be updating more frequently. I’ll be posting news items (such as this) as well as short articles on my compositions, composing and performing in general, and possibly other topics. If you have any questions about the content on this site, please send me an email.